Career Options after class 12th

Career Options after class 12th

Planning a career for students has become quite difficult task. We all have different ambitions in our life but quite confused about how to plan and achieve the goal.

Many students come across the same question, what career to choose after their class 12.At this age, students are not well matured to choose their own career and hence they need the help of their parents. Some of them follow their elder brother or sister’s advice, few take the advice from their parents and lectures and very few students opt for their own choice in choosing their career.

After the completions of class12, students can either choose to do diploma or can continue their studies in engineering, medical field or into any vocational degree courses. After their class 12, students can choose:

Science Stream: Few students choose science stream, as they are interested in becoming scientist, doctors, engineers, technicians, teacher, join army, navy, etc.

Arts Stream: Few students choose Arts stream, as they are interested in becoming politicians, police, journalism, advocates, teachers, businessmen, etc.

Commerce Stream: Few students choose commerce stream, as they are interested in becoming accountants, auditors, bank employers, teachers, etc.

Career oriented course

Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced new career oriented course to train the students and make them professionals. By introducing these courses, they train students to get ready for the job from the early stage for their life. The career oriented course will help a student to identify their task, it provides special training and the knowledge, which is required for their career to pursue. This course will also help a student to focus on their search and reach their goal. This course is mainly introduced for their progress and it will also help a student to identify their unique interests, values and the skills. This course plays a vital role in identifying their task and one to focus on their own career.

Job oriented courses (or) Diploma courses

There are many courses available in diploma, for students after completing their class 12. Diploma courses are those in which a student can complete a course in short period of time and get their certificates by recognized university. Few students have dream of becoming a fashion designer, they can do their diploma course in fashion designing and can become a self-entrepreneur. There are many courses available in diploma like, Diploma in Informatics, Diploma in Automobiles, Diploma in computers, Diploma in interior decorations, PGDM (Post Graduation Diploma in Management), Diploma in jewel making, cooking, beautician, Diploma in home science, Diploma in information technologies, etc. Many students choose these diploma courses, where they can complete their course and move into the professional fields.

Why Diploma courses?

Many students who cannot get through their competitive exams, who want become a self-entrepreneur in a very short period, choose the diploma course. The UGC (University Grants Commissions) has introduced new course JOC (Job Oriented Course). In this course, the students are particularly trained with the market skills and they are placed with a good salary packages. A diploma is generally given to students by vocational institution or by the polytechnic institutions.

Career Options in Engineering

Many number of students appear for different engineering entrance exams every year such as IIT, AIEE, JEE, MTECH, etc. Career options in engineering are as follows:

There are number of engineering companies, industries both in government and private sector, which provides the career courses in engineering along with the training followed by the placement, once they get qualified and they will be rewarded, few institutes prepare the students for job such as aeronautical engineering, marine engineering jobs, etc. Other opportunities depends on clearing their competency exams, which are conducted by the government such as IIT, AIEE, JEE, MTECH.

Career is the course or the occupation, which one does for the professional achievements. Choosing the right career is the vital decision in student’s life after completion of their class 12 or the graduation. Choosing the right career depends upon the student’s interest. There are many career courses, which are offered for the students in many institutions where they can choose their own options, few examples of career courses other than medical and engineering are- we have biotechnology, micro Biology, accountancy, fashion designer, merchant navy, etc.

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