What is the best interview question ever?

here are some best interview question ‘s ever

best interview Question 1:

This interview had happened in Mumbai for New IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) –

After 15 minutes of sweet interview , they hit me with a question.

Question: What is Marketing ? ( I am in marketing dept of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)).

Answering, I said, “Something that contained two words – “need” and “want” “.

Next question to me was, “So, what is the difference between “need” and “want” ?”

Meanwhile, a guy was serving tea & biscuits to the interviewers. In the heat of moment I said,

“Chai patti” (tea-bag) is need for tea and having biscuits is want.”

The whole panel laughed a lot and I, too, shared in the laughter. Then they started pulling my legs by saying –

Panelist 1: I want lemon tea. Is this my need or want? I said it’s your want.

Panelist 2: I want more warm water. Is this my need or want ?

The whole interview surrounded on Chai (Tea) and we had Chai pe Charcha (Discussion based on tea) ūüėÄ

P.S: This interview happened on 15th Feb 2016. The results will come in May, 2016.

best interview Question 2 :

At my Deloitte final partner interview, 60 minutes after the partner had already asked ‘Why Deloitte?’

Him – ‘Why are you here?’

Me – ‘…I’m sorry I don’t understand?’

Him – ‘You studied Literature. I see that you’re a rapper with his own website. You studied all Art A levels. So clearly you SHOULDN’T be here. So. Why are you here?’

Me – ‘Oh…Truth be told, I was asking myself the same thing. But then I thought f*ck it let me see what this is all about. And heck – you seem nice enough. So why not?’

Him – Stunned silence. He looks at me open mouthed




Thanks. That will be all.’

I got the job.

best interview Question 3:

This happened with a friend X of mine .

Interviewer: Who do you think would make a successful person : A stubborn or an Open Minded  Person?

X: Obviously, Sir an Open Minded person . An Open-Minded person would always welcome other’s suggestions and thoughts . This would help in the overall development of the company .

Interviewer: Don’t you think that a stubborn person would be more determined and do better with his own ideas ?

X: No, Sir ….. Blah blah blah ……

The interviewer was not convinced by any answer .

Interviewer : Give me just one perfect reason and I’ll consider Hiring you .

X : Sir , you are being stubborn now and thus you would never hire me which will hinder the growth of your company .

The interviewer went dumb-struck .

2 minutes of silence .

P.S. : The other Interviewer welcomed him to the Company .

best interview Question 4:

At Ernst & Young, for my CA articleship interview.

Interviewer: So, have you applied anywhere else?

Me: Yes sir, I’ve applied to a couple of other firms as well.

Interviewer: Why? Aren’t you serious about joining us?

Me: No sir, it’s just that I really needed some practice before I had my interview here.

Got the job!

best interview Question 5:

This question was asked to me during a technical interview. All was going fine, but suddenly, the interview asked:

Interviewer : “So, Can you tell me how many bicycles are there in India”.

Me : (Thinking) :O Where did this come from :-/

          I could think of no answer, and suddenly, I just gave him a random number, (2 crore, some lakh, some thousand, 234).

Interviewer : (Quite Amazed) Where did this number come from? Can you prove it?

Me : I counted it yesterday, can you prove me wrong.

This followed 3-4 cycles of prove it, prove it wrong before Interviewer finally gave up. He started laughing and moved to next question.

Result : Hired. ūüėÄ

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